Compliance and Eligibility

The Albion College athletic department and the sports offered by the college adhere to the NCAA rules governing each sport. In addition, the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association) has a commissioner that assists the league in setting conference guidelines and rules.

Albion College competing student athletes are enrolled full time at the college and will carry a minimum of three semester units in order to participate and be considered eligible for competition. Each Albion unit is considered four semester credits.  Student-athletes at Albion prior to each season of competition fill out the NCAA drug testing consent form which is held on file in the athletic director’s office. They also fill out the student-athlete statement form dealing with the Buckley Amendment consent. Each of the student athletes then will be coded accordingly in the registrar’s office to acknowledge they are a student-athlete at the college.

Student-athletes competing at Albion College must meet the necessary requirements for normal progress as deemed by the registrar’s office.

The teams sponsored by Albion College follow the NCAA and MIAA guidelines for their specific sport as to when they are allowed to start their official practice for the season. Albion, as does the MIAA, has nontraditional seasons and these dates and timelines are found in the NCAA manual under rule 17.1, General Playing-Season Regulations.

Albion College along with the MIAA conference allows coaches to recruit off campus, similar to the national NCAA Division III rule. The recruiting rules are in the NCAA manual, bylaw Article #13, Recruiting.

Student-athletes must have on file prior to competition the proper forms for medical and insurance related items. These documents are secured by the athletic department training staff and the Albion College Health Services department.

A student-athlete wishing to transfer from Albion College will need to have a transfer release form sent to the school they are seeking a transfer to. Similarly, new student-athletes transferring to Albion College will have on file their transfer release form from their previous institution. In order to participate at Albion College the student transferring needs to have been academically eligible to compete at their prior institution.  These rules are described in rules 14 in the NCAA manual.

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