Student-athletes listed are first team all-Americans. In the case of Swimming and Diving and Track and Field, competitors have to place in the top eight at nationals to earn all-American status.


  • 1982--Bob Varner


Men's Basketball

  • 2005--Travis DePree
  • 2006--Brandon Crawford

Women's Cross Country

  • 2016--Jessica Shaw


  • 1940--Walter Ptak
  • 1958--Tom Taylor
  • 1976--Steve Spencer
  • 1986--Joe Felton, Mike Grant
  • 1991--Hank Wineman
  • 1993--Ron Dawson, Jeff Brooks
  • 1994--Chip Heyboer, Jeff Robinson, David Lefere
  • 1995--David Lefere
  • 1996--Jason Carriveau
  • 1998--Jason Carriveau, Pat Slone
  • 2000--Keith Debbaudt
  • 2011--Chris Greenwood

Women's Soccer

  • 2001--Stacey Supanich

Men's Swimming and Diving

  • 1991--Steve Cohen
  • 1993--Erik Scollon
  • 1994--Chris Behling
  • 1995--Ed Weber
  • 2005--Dan Fradeneck
  • 2007--Paul Krone
  • 2016--Jake Burris
  • 2017--Nate Kozycki, 400 freestyle relay (Sebastian Tostado, Derek Bosko, Parker Belmore, Len Ciemniecki)
  • 2018--Nate Kozycki 

Women's Swimming and Diving

  • 1984--Sue Leiby
  • 1995--TerryAnn Evelyn
  • 1997--Molly Maloney
  • 2007--Lindsay Brown
  • 2009--Emily Magyar
  • 2010--Emily Magyar

Men's Track and Field

  • 1981--Tim Hartson, Cameron Owens, Tracy Garner
  • 1982--Tracy Garner, Steve Meads
  • 1983--Tim Hartson, Tracy Garner, Albion Relay (Vernon Wilson, Pat Blakley, Gary Allore, Tim Hartson)
  • 1986--Dan Pekrul
  • 1987--Dan Pekrul
  • 1988--John Dunlop
  • 1989--Scott Newsome, Lance Coleman
  • 1990--Lance Coleman, Doug Goudie
  • 1991--Lance Coleman, Steve Gilbert
  • 1992--Steve Gilbert, Tom Reason
  • 1993--Steve Gilbert, Tom Reason
  • 1994--Tom Reason
  • 1999--John Bennink, Pat Slone
  • 2001--John Bennink
  • 2002--Nick Morgan, Jared Owens
  • 2003--Ivan Meiring, Nick Morgan
  • 2004--Ivan Meiring, Nick Morgan

Women's Track and Field

  • 1984--Kathy Dec
  • 1985--Kathy Dec